Employer Advantages to Offering Voluntary Accident and Critical Illness

A recent whitepaper from MetLife shares statistics and anecdotes supporting what many of our clients have experienced first-hand — offering voluntary accident and critical illness coverage builds employee loyalty, satisfaction and financial security. These traits improve retention and strengthen workplace bonds, leading to improved company results. The study’s surveys include data from employees who recently Continue Reading

Backlogs a Comfort of the Past?

  A diverse set of clients from numerous industries lately express that they are busy making things, making things go, or making things work better.  At the same time, many share a longing for a time when busy also meant BACKLOG.  Orders for items needed several weeks or months in the future that would keep Continue Reading

Neon Knee Socks

  Sunday’s life lesson struck with the subtlety of the sun-baked aluminum bleachers beneath me. In front of a few dozen sweating parents, grandparents and other friends and family toiled 18 newly-minted teens on a beautiful, manicured baseball diamond.  Years of parenting and coaching were in full evidence  —-  not a single player to be Continue Reading

Put Away Your Calculator for the Long Weekend, Employer Mandate Penalties Delayed Until 2015

    The Obama Administration has postponed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) employer mandate penalties for one year, until 2015. The Department of the Treasury announced the delay on July 2, 2013, along with a similar delay for information reporting by employers, health insurance issuers and self-funded plan sponsors. The delay does not affect any Continue Reading

Stale Voluntary Benefit Program a Liability

  Recently, the opportunity to meet with the CFO of a manufacturing company presented itself.  The meeting was punctuated by the revelation that he and his leadership team had no recollection how or when its voluntary benefits vendor had been selected.  Further, the employer had not arranged any type of communication with current participants. Employees Continue Reading

Smoking Breaks Break Bank at Work

A new Ohio State University study shows that every smoking employee costs his or her employer nearly $6,000 per year.  Here is a breakdown: $3,077: Cost of five smoke breaks per day. $2,056: Additional healthcare costs due to smoking. $517: Cost of sick days taken by smokers, due to their health. $462: Cost of reduced Continue Reading